Passenger Shoots Time Lapse of Flight Between SF and Paris

This time-lapse video was shot by Nate Bolt using a Canon 5D Mark II, a 16-35mm lens, a tripod, and an intervalometer on an Air France flight from San Francisco to Paris. The camera snapped a photo every 2-30 seconds throughout the 11 hour flight, roughly capturing one photo every two miles of the journey.

Here’s what his setup looked like (seen at the end of the video):

Bolt benefited from quite a bit of good luck — he had a whole row to himself, friendly passengers around him, an understanding flight crew that allowed him to shoot the project, and a beautiful aurora display outside his window midway through the flight.

Aurora Borealis via Airplane (via Gizmodo)

  • Erik Turner

    so… how about the whole electronic devices off for take off and landing? pretty cool series!

  • Michael Zhang

    Here’s what he wrote on the project page:

    “The photos during take-off and landing are all computer models and totally rendered because I would never use an electronic device during times which the FAA prohibits them.”


  • Venura Herath

    What a timing! I thought you are not supposed to take tripods !
    Hes damn lucky to see an Aurora! :

  • Michael

    Super cool

  • Joow_jos

    which software is that at the end of the movie?

  • Bas ter Beek

    Thats what I call plain (pun intended) awesome!

  • François


  • Ekrane

    Why is the aurora visible from a south facing seat?

  • Isaac Rabinovitch

    Pretty cool. Even more fun if we could somehow correlate the movie with the plane’s position on a map.

  • Isaac Rabinovitch

    A great circle route from North America to Europe takes you pretty far north.

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  • Alberto

    Id love to know the name of the song… i guess its a rhythm basis and not exactly a song but i kind of like it!!!!!!

  • jamie

    Great photos but the maths don,t add up.

  • Scott Weinberg

    Wow! Very cool, huh? I loves it. I would likes to get some for me.

  • Nagoyalukas

    LOVE IT!

  • Jorge Elías Correa

    Anybody know what software is shown on the iPad at the end?

  • neuronaut
  • Pete Gibson

    Very cool.
    Maybe just my ignorance. I would’ve thought the flight path from SFO to Paris would be generally East. And his camera is set up on the right side of the plane. So, how did the northern lights show up in the south?
    I see it was already asked and answered..

  • JB

    Very cool…northern lights on a plane!