Creative Portrait Through Two Lenses

If you’re looking for creative portrait ideas, here’s a fun one to try: focus on your subject through the glass of a second lens. It’ll help throw everything else out of the focus (including the subject in the background) for a pretty cool look. You can also flip the photo upside down afterward for a right-side-up portrait.

Image credit: Life Through a Lens 2 by lytfyre

  • Campbell Simpson

    It’s also good to note that 50mm lenses are among the best to do this with, and as wide an aperture as possible.

  • Richard Horsfield

    I’ve done this a few times for landscapes too and it works really well, truly gives a different perspective!

  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    I had an article done on me years ago, when I was first getting really into photography, and made a small name for myself in my community. The photographer for the paper used this method and I’ve attached a link of the photo he took. (Its bad quality because its scanned in from a newspaper)

  • Rick Bennett