Compare Lens Results with the Flickriver Lens Explorer

If you’re looking into buying a certain lens, you might be interested in seeing what kind of photography other people have done with that lens. Flickriver’s Lens Explorer page is a pretty easy way to quickly look through example photographs on Flickr that were captured with a specific lens. Just choose a brand and model, and begin browsing the river!

  • 5D Mark II TEAM

    Great info.


  • Shawn Parker

    Unfortunately the amount of post-processing in most of those images makes it pretty hard to actually judge the lens. Its a cool resource, though, no doubt.

  • Hugo Viens

    Quite useful, but they should add an option to choose the camera the lens is used with.

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  • Srisons

    The guy who took the fireworks photo is one my main Flickr Contacts. Awesome!!!!

  • pa dinneen

    you can select the camera in advanced search and even the aperture range.

  • Fotografm

    How can I add my photos to the lens explorer pages ?