Adobe Looking for the Next Photoshop Evangelist

Adobe is running a unique contest right now in search of the “next Photoshop evangelist”. Sadly, the winner isn’t given a special “evangelist” position in Adobe’s marketing department, but rather the prize package is pretty typical: a copy of CS5 Design Standard and a trip to Photoshop World in 2011 (which includes airfare, lodging, meals, and a chance to demo the winning tutorial).

Here’s a lighthearted video they made announcing and promoting the contest:

To enter, they’re asking that you upload a short two-minute video tutorial teaching some new CS5 feature, and incorporating the number 20 somewhere in the video (celebrating the 20th anniversary of Photoshop).

At the time of this post, only 4 videos have been submitted to the contest so far. The submission deadline is 8/24, so if you’ve got any skillz at creating Photoshop tutorials at all, your odds for winning the grand prize might be quite high. Good luck!

(via Thomas Hawk)

  • Patrick Ahles

    So you have to promote Photoshop CS5 and then you can win CS5 Design Standard, which contains Photoshop? Nice! ;)

    There are 4 videos there, but only three are real submissions (the fourth being the announcement). Of the three only 1 is two minutes long (2:02 actually). And this video does not use the number 20 in it! So uptill now none of the videos conforms to the contest rules!

    Too bad I can't compete, since I live in the Netherlands (why did they restrict the number of countries that can enter?).

  • Marc vd Veen

    Kind of strange indeed, winning some software you are actually promoting AND using while promoting it. I can only think of trial users then who actually find it worthwhile. Actually the trip would be worthwhile so forget I said anything :)

    By the way- glad you said the number of countries is restricted. I had the tendency to make a video but since I'm Dutch as well I can't. Shucks.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    Dear Adobe…you re going OUT OF BUSINESS. You are a hostile Indian Company that doesn’t understand Westerners or Americans in particular. You are like Microsoft…you exist in-spite of yourself. You are not needed. Please go away….thank you

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    a copy of CS5….OMG…..Dear Adobe..PLEASE FOAD !!