Incredible Video Captures Lightning at 9,000 Frames per Second

This amazing video shows what lightning looks like when slowed down to 9,000 frames per second. Even if you’ve seen lightning in slow motion before, this video might surprise you. Even at extremely slow speeds, many of the bursts and flashes that go on during a lightning strike happen in what appears to be real time, while the main bolts last for quite some time. It’s definitely an… illuminating video. Har har.

  • Deborah Hart

    Well, this video TOTALLY knocks out the old saying that lightening never strikes the same place twice! Yes. a VERY interesting clip!

  • Tyler Rogers

    *I* was going to say that!

  • Guest

    It's not slowed down to 9000 frames per second. It's 9000 frames per second slowed down to 24 or there about frames per second.

  • Michael Zhang

    Ah, you're very right. Mental slip, sorry =)

  • Torgausen

    Great! Interesting to see that heat in the lightning sometimes moves up towards the sky and sometimes down.

  • esgarg

    Very interesting. It gets most interesting towards the end where it repeatedly strikes the same place. Wonderful.

  • seegullmedia

    That's impressive. The awesome power of nature at work.

  • Grahamfreer

    very impressive video, would not like to stand underneath any of them

  • Jaimegarcia

    Muy interesante

  • Dyoung1167

    yeah, great vid, but the repeated strikes are happening in 3/10s of a second. my first thought was 3-5 seconds of vid stretched but you can see the time frame to six dec. points. it starts at 01:37:03.814670 and ends at 01:37:04.140885 . helll, thats less than 3 tenths of a second.
    totally awesome