New Flickr Feature Makes it Easier to Make Money with Your Photos

Flickr has just announced a new feature that lets you to add a “Request to License” link to all of your photos stored on the service, allowing visitors who wish to license your photos to send you the request through Getty.

Visit any of your photos while logged in, and you should see a link under “Additional Information” that says “Want to license your photos through Getty images?”. Follow the instructions after clicking this to change your preferences.

Once you’ve enabled the “Request to License” link, visitors can click through to be put in touch with a Getty representative, who will then handle the details and send you a FlickrMail with the licensing request.

The companies are mum regarding the rates paid for photos, but BBC News reports that the average rate may be between $150 and $240.

One complaint that members are making on the Flickr forum is that the feature is globally enabled or disabled rather than allowing you to choose which photographs to show the link for. Presumably Flickr is working on changing this to give users more control.

Have you sold any photos on Flickr through Getty? If so, what was your experience?

  • Leslie

    Hrm…Interesting…and the rates aren't the bad either.

  • Craig Damlo

    This seems to have even more dangers to “pro” shooters because currently amateurs had to submit photos for acceptance to stock agencies and now they can simply throw everything on Flickr for possible purchase.

  • QuBe

    How exactly does Getty vet images or photographers on Flickr?
    Idiots scrape images from other people's flickr pages or the web all the time, and they may also be photoshopped to the nines. (Some people don't shoot raw to have the original as proof.)
    It can't see it being worth the hassle and potential legal risks to accept photos from unknown, amateur photographers and have to trust their claim of copyright or reasonable authenticity.

  • A3u51i

    It's good, but also bad..
    It's good for amateur photographer.
    They can sold their photo online, easily..

  • Gregg

    I really think they need to work quickly on providing the ability to turn off the option to license a specific image via Getty. For a lot of us Flickr users, our photostream contains some photos that are just not suitable for licensing because of a heavy crop or because you know you can never get a model or property release for the subject of the image so why waste the time of the potential licensor, Getty and the photographer on those images ?

  • Matthijs Rouw

    Hmmm .. NOT to happy about this .. I'd rather see Flickr make this an optional link, to be set by the OWNER (notice those caps…) of the photo by default :
    1) Buy through Getty
    2) Buy from OWNER directly
    3) Do not show the sell link

    I do not like Getty anywhere in the process without having full control over the sale first.

  • Dave Wilson

    I’ve sold a few images via Getty and have enabled this feature. That said, I would far rather have people contact me directly since that way I get to keep the 80% of the fee that Getty would otherwise hang on to :-)

  • Anonymous

    Flickr is a free service, clearly they are also making money through a partnership with Getty in licencing images, there are plenty of other options open to you if you want full control of sales, you do not have to opt-in to this service, and I believe that a Getty rep will contact you first regarding the licence of an image

  • seansaban

    You can also use Picquest mobile app to link and stream your Flickr photos to people around, than they make ‘Internets’ in some of the photos and can contact you…