Generate Short URLs with shortenr

Flickr has its own URL shortening system to make links suitable for things like Twitter. However, for some strange reason, the short URLs to photographs aren’t readily available on the photo pages themselves.

There are some services out there that allow you to quickly generate URLs, but I decided to quickly write my own, and called it shortenr.

The service is extremely simple. Simply enter a long Flickr URL to have it shortened, or a short URL to have it expanded. It’s also available as a bookmarklet to shorten URLs while you’re on the Flickr photo pages themselves: simply drag this link into your bookmarks: shortenr

If you’d like to see additional features added to this simple app, leave a comment. Hopefully some of you will find this useful.

  • David Tabor

    thanks for this… i can see this will be handy… although there is a workaround on flickr – since i already have the blog to twitter option activated on flickr – i often just hit the blog button, hit the twitter option and then it's prompting me to add my text and it automatically provides the shortened code. I can copy this code, hit cancel and then i have the code and the shot is not posted to twitter. Or conversely i can continue and post it to twitter.

  • Micah Touchet

    Great stuff, thanks. I, too, thought it strange that Flickr didn't have the obvious short url to share photos… I did use a couple of times… looks similar to what you've done. Also, I did what David Tabor suggested several times as well.

  • Branch

    Thanks for the great suggestion. Does Flickr still count this as a view if someone views the picture in a Twitter Client like Tweetdeck?

  • harrisonwilson

    There are plenty of greasemonkey scripts that will show it too. For firefox, I like the add-on Better Flickr, which shows it in the attributes section of the photo as if Flickr did it itself.

  • cricseo

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