Surviving the Avalanche

2014 has been a year of some dramatic disasters around the world - Ebola, Gaza and aviation to mention a few - and by no means do I place what happened to me among them. Saying that however, when something happens to you in first person - you will always be more effected by it.

My 69 Mistakes With Film

The first mistake I made was hate on film photography when I knew nothing about it. My earliest experience with 35mm was on my 10th birthday. I got a point and shoot camera from my family overseas as a present. Went on a day trip with my school and shot half a roll before I opened the back and ruined whatever was on there.

I shot a second roll and all the photos came out blurry, some of which were double exposed. I never used that camera again and didn't fully get back into photography for over a decade.

Character, Style, and Mood in Photos

In photography, many of us start our journey by studying and learning from the masters of the art. But …

The Beauty of Norwegian Landscapes

Last summer I visited Norway for the second time. I had been in Oslo once before, but that was many years ago. This time I wanted to experience the famous scenery while driving through the mountains with a camper.

My travels took me from Oslo to Geiranger, Dalsnibba, Trollstigen, Ålesund and Atlanterhavsveien. This was for sure one of my best journeys so far.

Fear and Loathing in Bushnell, Nebraska

Pine (Bluffs), Wyoming lay at the extreme south-eastern corner of the state, a stone’s throw from Nebraska along the …

A New Old Lens

Like a lot of photo history buffs, I’ve been quite excited about Lomography’s new iteration of the Petzval lens in …

The Problem of Word Inflation in the World of Photography

It seems every news and blog site that I visit these days in inundating me with stunning photos. Sometimes the photos are labeled “Jaw-Dropping” or “Amazing” or “Incredible,” and to be honest, the pictures are usually great. But just as often they are just above-average pictures with exaggerated headlines.

What’s going on here? When did every picture become stunning? And if every picture is stunning, is any picture stunning really? I mean how stunned can I get?

Photographing the Matterhorn

70-200mm f/2.8 II at f/11, 170mm 1/15 seconds, ISO 100 It’s approaching 8pm and I’m sitting at the Chez Vrony, …

What I’ve Learned from Albert Watson’s Iconic Portrait of Steve Jobs

October 5th, 2011 was a Wednesday, and the Cache Valley Photographers were gathered at my studio for their weekly lunch time meeting to discuss Scott Kelby’s Guest Blog, and I remember the day well. The Guest Blogger was Jodi Cobb, who wrote about her project documenting modern slavery. Unfortunately, the group didn’t spend as much time discussing this as it deserved because it was also the day that Steve Jobs passed away.

I Replaced My Dual Screen Editing Setup with a 34-Inch 3440×1440 LG Monitor

As a photographer, I’ve long been an advocate of a dual screen set-up for a more efficient workflow. After all, what is better than having the ability to spread out all your applications palettes across multiple screens? For a couple of years now, I’ve had a Dell U2412M 24” (1920x1200) and Dell U2713HM 27” (2560x1440). That is no longer the case...

The Electro-Optic Camera

The Electro-Optic Camera was designed and constructed by Eastman Kodak Company under a U.S. Government contract in 1987 and 1988. Kodak's Microelectronics Technology Division (MTD) had announced the first megapixel CCD in 1986. In 1987, a government customer asked Kodak's Federal Systems Division (FSD) to build a prototype camera around the new CCD. It was a true skunk works project with a very small team. Ken Cupery was the project manager. I (Jim McGarvey) was the lead engineer. MTD engineer Bill Toohey designed the CCD analog circuitry, and technician Tom McCarthy assembled the whole system.

Review: The Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS

Can the new Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS compete with the Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8? Here are my thoughts on this unique lens.

For Jennifer, Whomever You Are

Jennifer is a composite of all the students who’ve asked me to look at their work online and offer some advice. My advice has changed over the years.

How To Convert Your Room Into a Giant Camera Obscura

We heard how dangerous it could get outdoors with all of the traffic-crossings, pollen, UV rays and so on, and so we decided to stay inside and paint our walls with a live stream of the outside world...

Chasing 5 Pointz

I first heard about 5 Pointz in a Wall Street Journal article in the summer of 2011. The article detailed the recent attempts by the owner to knock what had become an internationally-reknown street art mecca down, and build high-rise condominiums.

A Portrait Journey Through Eastern Europe

This story is not going to be a technical how to. It's not about lighting gear, cameras or lenses. It's not about technique in camera or post production. It's about the unexpected things that can happen, the people you can meet and the work you can make when you travel.