Youth in Exile

The children are always the most vulnerable but at the same time, the most resilient. Their young age makes them easy prey for sickness, abduction and trafficking and they often do not even understand why they have to leave their home. Nonetheless, these little human beings show impressive courage as they always are the first ones to regain their smiles.

Smiles in Exile

Tragedy and drama have so far been the images of the refugee crisis. When I went out there to document the situation I knew there would be more to it and I was not disappointed.

The Blacksmiths

My name is Dan Bannister, and I'm a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. My day to day photography work is mostly advertising and fashion for retail brands but I like to add variety to my photography and exercise my creative muscles by pursuing personal projects alongside my commercial work as much as I can.

Minais Gerais Highlands

In early 1950s, Brazilian novelist Guimarães Rosa went to a 10 days journey with 8 native cowboys along 150 miles in Minas Gerais, resulting in one of most important works of Brazilian literature, "The Devil to Pay in the Backlands (1956)". After more than 60 years I decided to follow his path based in this journey, and also the scenario described by Riobaldo in all his adventures of the book.

Ponce City Market

For almost a century, one of the largest buildings in the Southeastern United States has maintained a dominating street presence in Atlanta, Georgia.

We Shall Remember

My name is Louis Amore, and I'm a 42-year-old photographer based in London, England. I have been a professional photographer for the past 6 years, but I have studied photography since a young age... since the days of film and developing in my bedroom.

Kluane Glaciers

The power of the slowly moving ice could be felt even from our lofty vantage point in the small, single-engine plane. A vast river of glacial ice stretched far into the horizon. Treeless mountains reared above us on both sides as we soared up the valley, their grey stone walls loosely robed in a white frock of snow, even though it was the height of summer.

The New Newburgh

When nine photographers from as far away as India, Hong Kong and Croatia descend upon Newburgh along the Hudson River, 60 miles north of New York City, the question asked most by Newburghers and our friends and family was, "why Newburgh?" The short answer is we are documenting a historic town on the cusp of a revival.

5 Months in Asia: Travel Photos by Photographer Chris König

At first it had been a dream to travel to Asia for a long time already, even before I discovered photography. I am now 22 years old and I finished my bachelors in psychology. Along the way I found out that I really wanted to pursue photography, but nonetheless psychology still gave me some really good insights. It never hurts to have some more knowledge about human life in general.

Portraits of Rural China

I have a weakness for photography travel. My trips often start with a simple phone call or email from a friend checking to see if I might be interested in photographing somewhere. In the case of my recent visit to China, however, there was no message from a friend… just a single image from a place called “XiaPu” that I ran across and that really inspired me to travel there.

Fear and Loathing in GTA V

Sometimes I make brief escapes from the humdrum of city life and venture into the woods to capture the majesty of nature. I ride around on my bicycle like a madman looking for interesting subjects to capture. The last time I did this, my beloved camera bounced out of my pocket somewhere along the bumpy road; I’d gotten some good shots that day, quite a few actually, and keeping a stoic attitude while backtracking in search of my lost camera became increasingly difficult. Not only was the camera lost, I was lost.

Italy Through a Vintage Lens

I have always wanted to see the Alps. They look so grand in the movies. After my roadtrip through the Norwegian mountains in 2014, it felt like the next step would be to see the Alps. But the question was: in which country?

The American West

My name is Neels Castillon, I’m a 27-year-old French photographer and filmmaker based in Paris, France, and I started my photography journey more than ten years ago.

My work is deeply inspired by photographers on the boundary of art and documentary -- photographers like Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld, and (more recently) Alec Soth. I share their passion for the painter Edward Hopper, who was himself influenced by cinema.

Street Photography in China

For the past 29 years I’ve been traveling to China for my day job as an industrial designer to manage the ramp-up of new products manufactured in China. I’ve discovered that it’s become a common career path for product designers to morph into Asian sourcing managers because of our background in product development. That’s exactly what happened in my career about 30 years ago, with the exception that I’ve remained active in product design plus I’ve become a street photographer in China over the course of the last 5 years.

My McNeil River Experience

My trip to McNeil River, Alaska actually started in November of 2014 when I read this PetaPixel article describing it. In the article they mentioned that, due to the tremendous interest in McNeil River, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game has instituted a lottery system.

In a typical year, thousands of applications are received and only 185 are granted. They are given to groups of ten for four-day stays. They also mentioned that you will be closer to the bears than anywhere else in the world (the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website says you will average between 75-200 feet). Having now applied and won a coveted permit, I can assure you, as this video attests, there is nothing “average” about this experience.

The American Southwest in B&W

From the days of Jack Kerouac to the culture of Route 66, it is common knowledge that America is best experienced from its roads. That’s why I decided to grab a friend, rent a car and head off into America’s beautiful southwest to see what all of the fuss was about.

Shooting Son Doong in 360°

As me and my team left for Vietnam this January, we had a goal: to make an interactive reportage about the world’s largest cave for National Geographic. This included several things no one had ever attempted before: lighting up and capturing the largest caverns that exist on this Earth. In 360 degrees.

What could go wrong, right?

Exploring the Canadian Rockies in Alberta

Load up the vehicle and check the essentials. Coffee. Jerky. Camera. All here. Exploring the Canadian Rockies. It never …

“I Try to Forget”

Photographs by Patrick T. Fallon for ProPublica, captions by Michael Grabell Joel Ramirez was paralyzed from the waist down …

Forgotten Countryside Homes

What leads a family’s decision as they decide to stand up, open their door and walk out, leaving everything behind? Forgotten homes sit scattered across our country like eerie time capsules filled with stories, rotting away under the unforgiving power of nature.