Yahoo Reportedly Looking for a New Flickr Head via Acqui-Hire

Remember that new Flickr account we reported on yesterday that appeared to be owned by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer? Turns out it actually wasn't her, and was quickly taken down after becoming a big story in the blogosphere.

TechCrunch reports that Mayer actually does have a Flickr account -- one that's set to private.

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Now on Flickr, Reportedly Doubles Team

Update: The account has mysteriously vanished from Flickr. This suggests that it was either fake, or something that wasn't meant to be as big of a news story as it was.

If you're a fan of Flickr, then you'll be happy to know that new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has apparently created an account on the photo sharing service. Granted, the page only features a single portrait of Mayer from her days as a Google exec, but it's an important first step. Neither of Mayer's two predecessors (Scott Thompson or Carol Bartz) bothered to join the service.

Internet Asks New Yahoo CEO Very Nicely to “Please Make Flickr Awesome Again”

Of the 5 people to take over the job of Yahoo! CEO over the last 5 years, Marissa Mayer is making the biggest splash. Maybe it's because she's six months pregnant and firing up the "working moms" debate, maybe it's because she's worth an approximate $300 million, or maybe it's because she was Google's 20th employee who's been doing great work over there since 1999. From a photography perspective, however, the Dear Marissa Mayer movement isn't hurting either.

Yahoo! Mail Unveils New Photo Sharing Tool

There's an overabundance of ways to share and organize your photos these days. From Flickr and 500px, to Facebook and Shutterfly, you can store and share your photos in many places. But according to Yahoo!, many people still use good ol' fashioned e-mail. Yahoo!'s senior director of product management Dave McDowell said that over 500-million photos are sent through Yahoo! Mail every day, and so in an attempt to streamline that process and better cater to the needs of their 300-million users, Yahoo! has released a new photo sharing tool made just for Yahoo! Mail.

Google+ Team Intent on Stealing Flickr’s Photo Sharing Crown

Over the last couple of days Google has been hosting the "Hangout In Real Life" Google+ Photographers Conference in San Francisco, and if anything has come out of the conference at all, it's that Google is intent on making Google+ the photo sharing service of the future.

Yahoo! and the Decline and Fall of Flickr

For those of us who remember it, Flickr was once an amazing place. More than just a website or a bucket of features, it was a vibrant community made up by professional photographers and amateur photo junkies alike. Before Facebook would even allow you to upload anything more than a profile picture, Flickr was the place you went to share your life in pictures. And then, at least according to an article on Gizmodo, Yahoo! happened.

Flickr Chief Matthew Rothenberg Departs

Matthew Rothenberg, the man who has led Flickr the past two years has Head of Product, announced today that he is leaving the service. In a message posted to his Twitter account, Rothenberg states,

Here goes: after 5 years, I will be stepping away from Flickr. Will miss working with such a talented, hard-working, and hard-drinking team.

Despite reassurances from Yahoo that Flickr is doing well, many will undoubtably look at this development and wonder whether the future for the service is as bright as the company would like us to think. TechCrunch also reported today that the situation inside the service isn't too great.

Yahoo Finally Takes Control of Domain Name

Five years after acquiring the photo sharing service Flickr, Yahoo has finally obtained ownership of the domain name

One of the common characteristics of Web 2.0 companies is the use of misspelled words in their name, since the correctly spelled words are typically too pricey for a bootstrapped web startup to purchase early on.

Flickr was one such company, settling for the now ubiquitous name after being unable to purchase

As you might expect, the enormous popularity of Flickr has led to an absurd amount of traffic for, as people often type in the domain name either as a typo or being ignorant of the "correct" spelling".