Clone Portraits Show Woman Before and After Losing 150 Pounds

Photographer Blake Morrow shot a creative series of clone photos showing his friend Beth Beard before and after she lost 150 pounds. The portraits were taken two years apart and combined into pop-culture inspired clone photos showing old Beth interacting with new Beth. It's a series titled The Beth Project.

How to Fake a Before and After Photo: The Power of Lighting and Posture

As photographers, we're already intimately familiar with the importance of lighting and posture, but just how much of a difference can the proper pose and lighting make? This video by BuzzFeedBlue, titled "How to Fake a Before and After Photo," answers that question by showing the shift in real-time.

The Instagram Diet: Looking at Pictures of Food Curbs Appetite, Study Finds

Believing the world cares what you had for lunch may still be a symptom of narcissism, but a recent study seems to indicate that it could at least be a useful form of narcissism.

The study, which was conducted by marketing researchers at Brigham Young University, found that the more time people spend looking at pictures of food, the less interested they become in actually eating that same foods. Results were published recently in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.