The Case Against the Photo Watermark

Inevitably a time will come around when a budding photographer decides to start "taking this seriously," "discouraging image theft," and (my personal favorite), "gaining exposure." And they do this, of course, with a watermark.

When Watermarking Photos Gets Taken Too Far…

Photographer James Brandon gave quite a few people a chuckle recently after sharing this picture of a supercell thunderstorm in Seymour, Texas, on his Facebook page. As you can see, he slapped his watermark quite prominently on the photo to prevent it from getting stolen by others.

Tagg.ly Makes For Simple Watermarking of Photos on iOS

When it comes to sharing images on social media, it usually doesn’t take more than a few reflags or retweets before the original creator of the content is completely taken out of the context. Here to help is Tagg.ly, a new watermarking app for iOS which offers up an extremely simple solution for going about properly crediting the images you take on your iOS device.