Ziphius: The Aquatic Drone That Captures Photos While Speeding Across the Water

There's been a lot of talk about UAVs -- as in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka. Drones) -- lately, but what about Unmanned Acquatic Vehicles? When it comes to remote-controlled water drones that you can use to photograph underwater life, there's far less choice in the affordable/DIY range.

The new aquatic drone Ziphius is here to change that, as it makes its way to market sporting the title of world's first app-controlled aquatic drone.

Shoot Your Own Google Earth-style Aerial Photos with the E382 Drone Kit

If you happen to have $600+ just lying around (who doesn't?) and are looking to take photos from a whole new vantage point, then Event38's E382 Aerial Mapping Drone may be worth looking into. The $600 starter kit includes the plane, motor, speed controller, and the ArduPilot Mega 2.0 autopilot system to handle all of the pressure, GPS and flight data.