Siberian Tigers Take Down and Chew Up Drone

A Siberian tiger farm in China’s Heilongjiang Province was using a drone to exercise their rather chubby ambush of tigers (yes, that's the correct term) when one young tiger proved, yet again, that technology is no match for fierce mother nature.

Wildlife Photos with a Bridge Camera: A Tiger Safari and a Sony RX10 III

With only 4 hours notice, Kaustubh from Jungle Lore asked me join him for a trip to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India. I packed my bag quickly and decided that I am going into the forest to photograph wildlife with my new Sony bridge camera, the RX10 III.

Photographer Asks Strangers to Pose for Portraits While Wearing His Tiger Suit

Photographer Adam Rabinowitz's Tiger Suit project is like Humans of New York crossed with Tigger from Winnie the Poo. Like HONY's Brandon Stanton, Rabinowitz photographs strangers on the street and jots down interesting blurbs from their conversation. There's one big difference in the projects, though: Rabinowitz's subjects must agree to put on his tiger suit.

Dramatic Studio Portraits of Big Cats by NatGeo Photographer Vincent J Musi

National Geographic's Vincent J Musi will quite literally do whatever it takes to get the animal portrait he's looking for, including kneeling in urine while singing Tom Jones' "What's New Pussycat?" to a growling Snow Leopard... hand gestures included.

Fortunately, the trick works (was it the hand gestures? he wonders), "mesmerized and captivated by [his] theatrical prowess and virtuosit," the Snow Leoppard stops and stares at the yummi, camera-wielding steak. One down, seven to go.

Steve Winter Gets Up Close and Personal with a Curious Tiger Using a Robot Rig

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter is a big on the big cats. After all, he was willing to spend 12 months chasing after the perfect mountain lion shot. In the video above, he didn't have to exhibit that sort of patience, instead he had to control a finicky robotic camera rig as best he could and try to snap some awesome photos of a curious tiger.