The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic is a Hip Camera Bag With Quick Access

German photography accessory company COSYSPEED has just introduced their latest creation on IndieGoGo. The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic is a sling strap and camera bag for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, and superzooms. Aimed to rest comfortably on your outer thigh, the CAMSLINGER promises one-handed operation while protecting against rain, bumps, and dust.

Review: Peak Design’s Upcoming Slide Lite and Slide Summit Camera Straps

Finding the perfect camera strap can seem like an overwhelming endeavor due to the sheer number of available options. Today, we are going to be taking a look at two different straps that are coming soon from Peak Design and may just help you in your search. The first strap is the Slide Summit Edition: a design variation of the company’s standard Slide strap. The second is the Slide Lite strap designed for smaller mirrorless camera systems.

Camera Swagg is a More Affordable Version of Hold Fast’s MoneyMaker Strap

Hold Fast is a camera accessory company most well known for their MoneyMaker Luxury Leather Multi-Camera Strap. While the MonkeyMaker is a beautifully crafted piece of gear that allows you to quickly access your cameras, the price tag is a bit out of the price range of what some photographers are willing to spend. Enter the Camera Swagg, a non-leather variation of the MoneyMaker with a much lower price tag.

How to Make a Camera Wrist Strap Out of Paracord

Back in 2011, we shared a simple tutorial on how you can create a sturdy camera strap using about $7 worth of paracord. Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Bo Ismono recently published the 3-minute video tutorial above on how you can use paracord to make a cheap, simple, and durable wrist strap.

DIY: Making a Simple but Elegant Leather Hand Strap for a DSLR

I recently went to great lengths to solve a simple problem. I have a Manfrotto monopod that requires a little screw to attach my camera to the monopod. Without it, I can't use it. The screws are cheap and no big deal... but, they are too easy to lose.

Review: Nucis Leather ‘Simple Life’ Camera Strap is Handcrafted with Care

When it comes to photography accessories, it may first appear that there is no other object in such mass production as the camera strap. Stopping by even the smallest store will present you with racks of options.

However, today, we are here to tell you about one of our favorite straps; it is not without its faults, but it stands up to the tests of PetaPixel comfort and quality. We are talking about an accessory from a small Portugal-based company, Nucis Leather and their ‘Simple Life’ camera strap.

Peak Design Strap Failures Causing Dropped Cameras for Some Photographers

Update on 3/15/17: Here's a statement provided to PetaPixel by Peak Design regarding the issue reported in this article:

The product issue described in this article was limited to a single batch of products sent out to a subset of Peak Design's Kickstarter backers in October, 2014. Upon discovering this defect Peak Design immediately halted production until they fixed the manufacturing error. No defective units ever hit retail shelves or Peak Design offered their Kickstarter backers free replacement straps, as well as a DIY fix-it-kit.

When you're in the business of keeping photographers' cameras secure and safe, having your product fail can lead to disastrous results. This past weekend, San Francisco photo gear company Peak Design sent out an email to some customers warning them about a newly-discovered issue with their straps.

Apparently a small percentage of straps have a component that can disengage without the photographer wanting it to, potentially leading to dropped cameras.

CAMS Sling Strap and Plates Make Shooting Portraits Easier and More Comfortable than Ever

Most sling-style straps today have a problem: the mounting point. They all use a rather bulky connector or plate screwed into your camera’s tripod mount, so if you’re using a pro body or a battery grip on your camera, these straps make it uncomfortable, if not impossible, to take advantage of shooting portrait style.

To solve that problem, a designer and an engineer have teamed up to create CAMS, a pro sling strap, camera plate and lens plate that are built with the aforementioned problem in mind.

UltraPlate Gives Your Camera Two Tripod Mounting Points On the Cheap

About a month ago, we shared a Kickstarter for something called the Fusion Plate. The product made it easy to go from using a sling-style strap -- something many photographers prefer to the traditional -- to using a tripod without having to mess with screwing anything in.

The Fusion Plate has since far-surpassed its funding goal, but if you didn't get a chance to buy one of those, or if the $65 price tag was just a little out of reach, the folks at JOBY have announced a more affordable alternative.

Peak Design Unveils Leash, the Optimus Prime of Camera Straps

If you've ever had to take traditional camera straps on and off your camera, you probably know how annoying the task is. Peak Design, makers of the Capture camera clip system, wants to change the way people think about and use straps. The company has unveiled a new strap called the Leash, a versatile accessory that can take on different configurations and be used for multiple purposes.