A Nikon camera with a large lens is displayed against a glittering gold background. The camera has a prominent Nikon logo and a Z series mark, indicating it is part of Nikon's Z series lineup. The lens reads "NIKKOR 24-70mm.

The Nikon Z6 III’s Peak Dynamic Range Lags Far Behind its Predecessor’s

The Nikon Z6 III is an incredible camera with some novel features and pro-level performance. Among these new features is a "partially stacked" image sensor, which Nikon describes as the first of its kind. Early lab testing suggests that while this sensor may offer many benefits, it also incurs a dynamic range cost compared to the Z6 II.

Canon three-layer image sensor patent filed in Japan. High-speed stacked image sensor.

Canon Patents a Triple-Layer High-Speed Stacked Image Sensor

Patents are always a fun way to see what camera companies are up to and theorize about what might be coming next, even if they frequently don't find their way into actual products. A new Canon patent filed in Japan is particularly intriguing, as it outlines a triple-layer high-speed stacked image sensor.

OM Digital OM System OM-1 Review

OM Digital OM-1 Review: The Best Micro Four Thirds Camera Ever Made

I’ve been an Olympus and Micro Four Thirds user since I purchased a used E-M5 in 2016. I love Olympus, and like many others was sad to hear the news when the company’s photo division came to an end. There was a lot of speculation and anxiety over what JIP would do with the business, but the rebranding to OM Digital encouraged confidence. Since then, I have eagerly awaited the new company’s first camera. And now we have it: the OM System OM-1.

Canon EOS R3 review, main photo of the front of the camera

Canon EOS R3 Review: Blazing Speed Meets Robust Body

Canon’s latest mirrorless camera takes on a new shape and reaches all new heights in performance. With its stacked 24-megapixel sensor, blackout-free silent shooting, eye-control autofocus, and improved subject detection, the EOS R3 might just be the new camera to beat.