US to Require Social Media Usernames of All Visa Applicants

The United States has just proposed new rules that would require all visa applicants to provide their social media usernames from the past 5 years. If you're thinking of visiting or moving to the US, you may soon have to be okay with officials flipping through your online photos.

You Can Now Buy Snapchat Spectacles Directly on Amazon

Snap Inc’s experimental foray into wearables may not have had much of a financial impact for the struggling company, but they did create some buzz with their pop-up ‘Snapbot’ vending machines. Now they’ve made their Spectacles available directly on Amazon at the same $130 price.

Instagram Copies Snapchat (Again), Launches Its Own ‘Face Filters’

Arguably Snapchat's most popular feature to date is their augmented reality 'selfie filters' that allow you to augment your face with bunny ears, vomit rainbows, and occasionally trample on someone's copyright. Now, in a move absolutely everyone saw coming, Instagram has copied the feature.

Snapchat Wants to Be the Next Great Camera Company

Snapchat is best known for being a social messaging app that has transformed the way people share photos. But its parent company, recently renamed to Snap Inc., has much loftier goals: it's aiming to become a juggernaut of a camera company.

How I Finally Bought a Pair of Snapchat Spectacles for $130

In September 2016, Snapchat changed it’s name to Snap Inc. and introduced Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera that records 10-second snippets of video and posts directly to your Snapchat Story.