Roeselien Raimond

Roeselien Raimond is a Dutch nature and wildlife photographer who has a particular interest in foxes. She has been shooting photos of wild foxes for over 10 years, giving her an intimate knowledge of her subjects' various appearances and personalities.

Sixty-Four Foxy Faces: Portraits of Fantastic Foxes Over 10+ Years

"Don't you have enough fox pictures yet?" That's a question I get asked regularly. "Not by a long shot!" Those photos are just a great excuse to stalk these fantastic animals for over ten years. And no, I can't get enough.

Portraits of Foxes and Their Unique Personalities Explained

When, during the sixties, Jane Goodall gave wild chimpanzees a name instead of a number, she put the science world upside down. Anonymous animals were no longer nothing more than a number. Using something as apparently simple as a name, she validated their individuality and uniqueness.