A Photography Guide to the East India Coast: Bengal and Odisha

It was a sunny afternoon some twenty-odd years ago when I, as a toddler, first stepped foot on a sea-beach and heard what I thought was probably some kind of a prehistoric beast, hungry and roaring in the distance. Turns out, it was just the ocean.

5 Top Places to Shoot in Kolkata, a 400-Year-Old Indian City

Since time immemorial, the majority of street photographers among us chase a singular objective when they walk out with their cameras: chaos. There are, of course, exceptions to this generalization. But the most happening places mostly always give us the maximum to work with.

Landscape Hunting at 18,000 Feet: Photos of North Sikkim, India

Landscape photography is as much about photography as it is about travel. I believe it would not be very outlandish of me to assume that for most of us, our hunt for stunning landscape images began at some moment of epiphany, in some corner of the planet, when some awe-inspiring vista was rude enough to make us realize how underprepared we were to photograph such a scene in all of its glory.