Image Fulgurator Adds Graffiti to Other People’s Photographs

The Image Fulgurator is a brilliant device created -- and patented -- by Berlin-based artist Julius von Bismarck. It's an optically triggered slave flash that fires through the back of a camera, projecting a message or image on the film through the lens -- basically, it's an optically triggered projector. What this allows von Bismarck to do is prank unsuspecting photographers by adding random pictures or words into their photographs whenever they use their camera's flash.

Nikon’s New S1100pj Doubles as a Pico Projector, S5100 Less Interesting

Nikon just announced two new Coolpix cameras today: the S1100pj and the S5100. The S1100pj (pictured in this post) is an update to the S1000pj projector camera, with an increased brightness of 14 lumens (up from 10), a thinner form factor, and the ability to become a tiny projector for your computer via USB. This allows you to project whatever is on your computer screen onto a nearby wall... with your digital camera. How crazy is that?