This Photographer Has Shot NYC with a 1940s Camera for 50+ Years

Walk around on the streets of New York City long enough, and you may come across photographer Louis Mendes. He has shot street photos in the city for over 50 years, and he's easily recognized by his vintage camera and outfits. The New York Post made the inspiring 3-minute video above about Mendes' life and work.

Video: The Man Who Turned a Russian Truck Into a Glass Plate Camera

Back in December 2016, we featured the work of Kurt Moser, an ambrotype photographer who turned a Russian truck into a massive camera for his glass plate photography. After seeing the article, the team at Valkyr Productions connected with Moser and created this beautiful 9-minute video profile about the photographer and his work.

This Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer is Only 13 Years Old

Josiah Launstein is a Canadian wildlife photographer who has won multiple prestigious awards... and he's only 13 years old. Launstein first got behind the lens at the age of 5, following in the footsteps of his father and sister, who are also avid wildlife photographers. This 3-minute video profile by CBC Arts offers a window into his life and work.

Meet the Photographer Who Hiked the Entire Colorado River

Photographer Pete McBride has traveled around the world with his camera for over 20 years, but one of his most incredible achievements has been hiking the entire Colorado River, including through the Grand Canyon. Here's a great 10-minute profile of McBride by Adorama Spotlight.

A Duty of Care: Using Photography to Battle Anxiety and Depression

Meet Jim Mortram, a photographer with a past that involved battling anxiety and depression. Now he uses photography to interact with his community and draw attention to those who are "struggling to get by." In this 3-minute video by Wex Photo Video, find out what Mortram thinks about the power of photography.

This Pro Photographer Was Born Without Hands and Legs

Want to see what a passionate photographer looks like? Just look at the life and work of 25-year-old Indonesian professional photographer Achmad Zulkarnain. Despite being born without hands and legs, Zulkarnain became interested in photography and has since made a name for himself as a photographer and retoucher.

Meet a Photographer Whose Camera is Focused on President Trump

Andrew Harnik is a photographer for the Associated Press who's one of the people responsible for covering the President of the United States. In this 5.5-minute episode of Format's InFrame documentary series, we get an insight into Harnik's life behind a lens trained on President Trump.

Photographer Caleb Charland on His Science-Inspired Photos

Artist Caleb Charland has made a name for himself in the world of photography with his creative photos inspired by scientific curiosity. In the 6.5-minute video above, Charland discusses how he illuminates the natural world through photos and how he's inspired by the world of early experimental photographers.

A Photographer Explains His Passion for Large Format Photography

Columbus, Ohio-based photographer Mat Marrash has been working in large format photography for the past six years -- a span longer than pretty much any other hobby that's emerged in his life. He has also spent a lot of time thinking about why photography has had such a big impact on him. He shares those musings with us in this 2.5-minute video by Rooted Content.

The Inspiring Journey of Street Photographer Jimmy on the Run

Jianmin Huang, better known as Jimmy on the Run, is a fashion and street photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The 7-minute video above by Wytse Koetse is an inspiring look at the life and work of this passionate photographer (note: there's a bit of strong language and nudity).

Douglas Miller, The Legendary Street Photographer of Laguna Beach

You may not recognize the name, face, and photos of Douglas Miller, but many people living in Laguna Beach, California, do. He's a street photographer who has been shooting a roll of film per day for 44 years, creating a remarkable photo archive of 350,000+ spontaneous snapshots that tell the story of his town.

Filmmaker Jason Blalock decided to shoot a documentary of this prolific local artist from his hometown, and what resulted is a new documentary titled "Sawdust and Sand: The Art of Douglas Miller." Above is a 3-minute trailer.

San Francisco Through the Lens of Travis Jensen

Here's a 6-minute video by Green Label that focuses on the work of Travis Jensen, the San Francisco (and LA) based street photographer that we also featured back in February.

Jensen talks about seeking out the rougher places in SF that you won't find on postcards or in tourist magazines.

A Look at How Photographer Jody Rogac Works in Her Brooklyn Studio

Mossless photo magazine founder and freelance photo editor Romke Hoogwaerts has launched a new video series titled in situ, which offers a casual, behind-the-scenes look at how photographers work and interact.

The first video, shown above, features photographer Jody Rogac at work in her Gowanus, Brooklyn-based studio. Rogac shows us a little of how she organizes, creates, and edits her photos.