Photographing Cruise Ships From Above with a Drone

My name is Edin Chavez, and I'm a photographer based in Miami, Florida. In my city, I often see giant cruise ships arriving and leaving the port. Having been on a few of them, I'm always impressed with their massive size -- I always feel so tiny.

I recently shot a series of aerial photos of the ships from directly above using my camera drone.

Android Port Makes Instagram Available to BlackBerry 10 Users

No official version of Instagram exists for BlackBerry 10; so while users might be able to adjust their photos to get the perfect shot, they haven't been able to share those shots with the 100M+ member Instagram community.

Fortunately for Instagram-loving BlackBerry users, that need has been (somewhat) filled by the folks at BerryThai. They got their hands on and released an Android port of the app to keep users happy until such a time as Instagram decides to show BlackBerry some love.