South African Photographer Captures Political Crisis at Home

A local South African commercial photographer has found himself in the epicenter of the country's most recent political unrest that has disrupted communities and left people starving, and has shifted his focus to photojournalism to make sure it does not go unseen.

Vermont Senator Doubles as an Amateur Photographer, Takes Photos Others Can’t

There aren't many ways to get intimate access to the behind-the-scenes of government as a photog. Your best option is probably to try and snag a spot as the official White House photographer, but those jobs are hard to come by. A senator from Vermont, however, has found another way: get a day job as a Senator and moonlight as an amateur photographer.

BTS: Photographing Yasser Arafat for the Cover of Time Magazine

In 2002, photographer Greg Heisler was asked to photograph former PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat. Now, eleven years later, we get to hear the story behind that photo.

At the time, Heisler was already in Gaza city photographing former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. And even though the photo of Arafat was a very simple shot taken using a wooden four-by-five camera, a black velvet backdrop and a simple soft box, it's still fascinating to hear exactly what went into getting it.