Pixar Teaches You How Cameras Work in This Free Online Class

Khan Academy recently teamed up with the team at Pixar to create a free online course for people who are interested in seeing how Pixar artists "do their jobs." But lest you think there's nothing there for photographers, think again. One of the classes in this course will definitely appeal to still shooters.

Touching 61st Anniversary Photos Inspired by the Pixar Movie ‘Up!’

Sixty-one years ago, when Dorothy and Donald Lutz got married, there was one conspicuous absence as they recited their vows: the wedding photographer... he never showed up. And while they can't go back in time and right that wrong, granddaughter-in-law and event planner Lauren Wells recently made sure that they would have a photo album worth envying.

UPstagram: A Camera-Equipped Version of the House from ‘Up’ Takes Flight Over Paris

The weekend is coming up, and while many of us will spend it watching football, napping and otherwise lazing about, some people seem to make much more productive use of their free time. Take the hacker group Hackerloop, for example.

They recently equipped a miniature version of the house from the Pixar movie "Up" with a camera, hacked Instagram so it could automatically upload shots, and then sent it flying over Paris attached to 90 helium balloons... now that is a weekend well spent.

Words of Wisdom Regarding Criticism by Anton Ego in Ratatouille

The Internet can be a tough place for photographers. One can pour an immeasurable amount of time, money, energy, blood, sweat, and tears into a picture (or a series of pictures), only to have his or her hard work torn to shreds by nameless and faceless commenters who hide behind the veil of anonymity.