The Value of Self-Assigned Work as a Professional Photographer

Commercial photography is as saturated a marketplace as any these days. With such stiff competition, it’s no wonder brands are raising the bar on those of us trying to break our way into the industry. No experience? No thanks.

Staying Busy as a Photographer, Even When Busy

It’s been a busy past couple of months for me, full of photo experiments and metadata blunders. But even when I’m busy with assignments, I’m still looking for a project.

I’m better at short-term projects, something I can set up quickly and shoot in a few hours. Coming up with these projects can be mind-numbing, so I look for outside inspiration. Fortunately, being with Wonderful Machine, I get ideas sent to my inbox.

Why You Should Always Make Time for Personal Projects

Whether you've been a photographer for 10 weeks or 10 years, we've all heard the cautionary tales about yet another creative who's packed it all up, sold off all their gear, and decided to do something else in terms of a career.

It's with that in mind that I am writing about the importance of personal projects.