This is a 3D-Printed Pistol Grip for the Olympus Air

The Olympus Air camera is the commercial version of the Olympus Open Platform Camera (OPC), which people are making all kinds of hardware and software projects for.

A strange new one is the Open Platform Grip, a 3D printed gun-style grip that lets you point and shoot a "camera pistol" to take pictures.

The Apple Watch Can Be Used as a Live View Remote for the Olympus Air

If you're the early adopter type and are looking into owning both the Apple Watch and the Olympus Air, here's some good news for you: the two gadgets can be combined into one functional camera system. A new app allows the Apple Watch to be used as the live view display and control interface for Olympus' unusual camera.

Olympus Air: A 16MP Camera That Uses Your Phone as Its Live View Screen

Olympus has officially announced the Air, a 16-megapixel camera that looks more like a teleconverter that has a sensor stuffed into it. The device acts as a middleman between your Micro Four Thirds lens and your smartphone, effectively turning your phone into a giant LCD screen and user interface for a modular camera.