Newlyweds Barely Avoid Falling Tree Branch in Wedding Video

Wedding photography can be unpredictable, and it's the job of the photographer to keep shooting through unforeseen challenges. Photographer Freddy Hernandez was shooting video of a couple in Wisconsin last weekend when there was a loud crack. When they looked up, they saw a large tree branch plummeting down at them.

Volcano Eruption Makes for an Epic Wedding Photo

A photojournalist in the Philippines stumbled upon a newlywed couple while covering the Mayon volcano eruption last week. What resulted was an epic (and completely unplanned) wedding photo at the moment the volcano erupted.

Canadian Newlyweds Nearly Hit by Train During Bridge Photo Shoot on the Tracks

One day the stories of photographers being hit or nearly hit by trains while taking photos on the tracks will become so prevalent that people just stop doing it altogether, but today is not that day. Just this last weekend another unidentified photographer and the newlyweds he or she was photographing had an uncomfortably close call.