Mother of Ten and Talented Photographer Captures Wonderful Natural Light Portraits

Lisa Holloway might be a super-human. Until we get her near some kryptonite, we can't be sure, but the self-taught photographer somehow manages to take care of 10 children while simultaneously running a successful photography business.

All the while, she's stacking her portfolio full of gorgeous natural light portraits of newborns, babies, children, seniors and families.

Photographer Uses Natural Light & Subdued Tones to Create Gorgeous, Atmospheric Portraits

Twenty-seven year old Alessio Albi captures incredible, emotionally charged portraits using nothing more than natural light and the environment around his home city of Perugia, Italy.

A nutritionist by profession, photographer by passion, Albi’s work often features female subjects, whose contemplative glares, combined with natural, but cinematic light create beautiful, but at times unsettling portraits.