Portraits of Tribal Cultures in Myanmar

The diverse culture of Myanmar is part of the country’s unique identity. I was honored to visit different tribes that amazed me by the variety of their traditions, beliefs, and practices. What I witnessed in Myanmar exceeded my expectations even though I had done my research before I traveled.

Yangon Myanmar is the New Cuba for Street Photography

Cuba has long been the go-to location for iconic street and travel photography—its combination of tropical beauty and crumbling textures mixed with a festive population is photo gold. The trouble is, with the recent influx of tourism the floodgates of photographers has opened and it is becoming harder to get that truly unique image.

Photographing the President Overseas: A “Giant Chaotic Moving Game of Chess”

Reuters has released this interesting behind-the-scenes look into what it was like to be a news photographer trailing President Obama as he made an official visit to the nation of Myanmar in November -- the first by a US president. The video offers a glimpse into how hectic the job is, as photographers must rush from place to place, out of vans and into venues, in hopes of capturing a historic and newsworthy shot.