This is What Advanced Memory Card Data Recovery Looks Like

Having a memory card die with priceless photos on it is one of the biggest nightmares in digital photography. If do-it-yourself fixes fail, the next step is often to turn to a professional data recovery service. But have you ever wondered how that advanced data recovery works?

Photographer Gets Death Threats Over Utah Monolith Photo in NYTimes

Ross Bernards left Vail, Colorado, in June of 2018 to live the #VanLife full time to provide flexibility and more opportunity to "explore the most photogenic and best-kept secrets of North America" and its iconic landscapes. He feels most at home and a tremendous sense of peace with his feet firmly planted under the stars.

The Problem with the Utah Monolith

Just the other day, a tall metal “monolith” was discovered in the Utah desert. From what I have learned, this tower of shiny metal was placed in a very out-of-the-way location sometime in 2016 (based on its sudden appearance in Google Earth images in that time frame.) In the ensuing week, this object has created quite a public stir and generated even more theories about its origin.