Quick Smartphone Editing Method Makes Your Landscape Photos Pop

Of all the effects that photographers tend to add to their landscape and travel photos, probably the most popular one is called the Orton Effect. When correctly applied, the Orton Effect can add a rich, dreamlike glow to your photos that will enhance them beyond what you can do in editors like Adobe Lightroom.

Leave the Laptop at Home: My Mobile Editing Workflow in Iceland

My name is Dan Cook, I'm a landscape and nature photographer from the UK. The introduction of full resolution image transfer from camera to the smartphone over wireless technology has been a revelation and increased my ability to share images.

Adobe Sneak Peek: Retouching a Giant 50MP Photo in Prototype Mobile Software

Adobe wants to be the 800 pound gorilla of mobile photo editing. Today the company released the 2-minute sneak peek video above showing off some mobile retouching features its currently developing. In the clip, Photoshop product manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes shows how effortlessly photographers will be able to edit 50.3 megapixel Canon 5DS photos in the app.