Mikakon 25mm f/0.95 for MFT Now Official with Price Tag of $399

Last week, Chinese lens company Zhong Yi Optics started teasing a new Mitakon 25mm f/0.95 lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras. That lens has now been officially announced.

The new Mitakon Speedmaster 25mm f/0.95 is an ultra-fast, manual-focus prime lens that's the 35mm-equivalent of a 50mm lens when mounted to a Micro Four Thirds camera.

Small and Speedy Mitakon 25mm f/0.95 Lens Coming for MFT Cameras

Shenyang-based camera lens manufacturer Zhongyi is taking to Facebook to give a sneak peek of its latest creation, a Mitakon 25mm f/0.95 pancake lens for Micro 4/3 cameras. The new lens will be one of the fastest lenses available for the system: matched only by Voigtlander's Nokton series of f/0.95 lenses. The Mitakon looks to have the edge with a more affordable product in a much smaller package.