Photographer Gets Access to Restricted Areas, Shoots Airplane Time-Lapse of Epic Proportions

When we finally build a warp drive (or, you know, whenever the aliens see fit to give us one), this time-lapse is what we imagine a warp-speed airport would look like in real-time. Planes blasting away to our outposts in Andromeda, leaving long streaks of light in their wake.

But until then, we'll just have to be content with this beautiful time-lapse in which Milton Tan gives us an incredibly close look at the comings and goings at Singapore Changi Airport... like restricted area close.

Time-Lapse Captures Airplanes Leaving Gorgeous Light Trails in the Night Sky

In the majority of time-lapses, airplanes wind up being an unintended byproduct. Sometimes they get downright distracting, like in this time-lapse where an airplane in a holding pattern was thought to maybe be a UFO.

But photographer Milton Tan doesn't find them distracting, he finds them fascinating. So much so that he's created an entire time-lapse that focuses on the identified flying objects exclusively.