Souvid Datta Admits to Doctoring and Appropriating Photos

Yesterday, we revealed that award-winning photographer Souvid Datta had published a photo back in 2014 in which a woman had been copied-and-pasted from a 1978 photo by renowned documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark. Datta today admitted that he had indeed doctored that photo, as well as "appropriating" other photographers' work as his own.

Photographer Souvid Datta Appears to Have Plagiarized Mary Ellen Mark

The award-winning photographer Souvid Datta found himself in the middle of a controversy this week when his photo of a young sex trafficking victim was used to promote a photo contest. But now a serious new accusation has emerged that threatens Datta's credibility as a photojournalist: one of plagiarism.

Mary Ellen Mark’s Nikon FM2 is For Sale on eBay

Want to own a camera that once belonged to a photography great? Now's your chance. The estate of the Mary Ellen Mark is currently holding an eBay auction for a Nikon FM2 that was part of the late and great American photographer's collection. Mark passed away back in May at the age of 75.

Interview: The Late Mary Ellen Mark on Documenting Seattle’s Street Youth

Documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who has had her photographs featured in publications such as Life, The New Yorker, and Vanity Fair, died yesterday in Manhattan, age 75. She has traveled extensively across the globe, photographing everything from celebrities to Indian circus people.

However, it was a photo essay for Life magazine about kids living in the streets of Seattle which became the foundation for the Academy Award-nominated documentary Streetwise, directed by her husband Martin Bell. Soundtracked by Tom Waits, this film is an intoxicating piece of cinema, a captivating portrait of real-life adolescent teenagers growing up and breaking down.

Interviews with Five Renowned NYC Street Photographers

Here are five interesting interview excerpts with renowned street photographers. They're from Everybody Street, a documentary on NYC street photographers that recently finished raising funds through Kickstarter. The video above features Bruce Gilden.