Martin Parr: A Leading Documentary Photographer of Post-War Britain

“I can’t shoot street photography where I live. My city is just so boring. I need to travel more to explore exotic places to be able to shoot more.” Those are sentiments I had some time ago about my photography. In this video and article, I would like to challenge these views by looking at one of the world’s most famous and successful documentary photographers. Let’s talk about Martin Parr.

A Chat with Bruce Gilden About Life, Work, and Photography

Renowned British documentary photographer Martin Parr has been interviewing photographers for a series titled "Sofa Sessions: Conversations with Martin Parr." In the latest chat, Parr sat down with iconic American street photographer Bruce Gilden to talk about his life, career, and photography.

Magnum Adds a Record Six New Photographers

Magnum Photos is a prestigious international photographic cooperative that focuses on photojournalism. The organization is made up and owned by its members around the world. Every year, the company typically nominates one or two new photographers. This year, however, Magnum has nominated six new members: a record-breaking number.

Madness: Magnum Photogs Promoting the Nintendo 3DS as a Camera

What has the world come to? Apparently the prestigious Magnum Photos has partnered with Nintendo to promote the Nintendo 3DS as a camera. Photographers Martin Parr, Thomas Dworzak and Gueorgui Pinkhassov used the handheld gaming device to shoot a series of 3D photos that were then put on display in an exhibition held at the Magnum Gallery in Paris.

Truth, Lies and Deception in Photography

The debate regarding what makes a photograph "truthful" or not is probably as old as the art of photography itself. By sheer coincidence, there were a couple interesting articles published today on this issue, and written from two different points-of-view.