Build a DIY Lightbox Using a $10 IKEA Lack Side Table

Photographer Jack Watney wanted a lightbox for years, but he lives in a small apartment and doesn't have space to store a large, dedicated lightbox. So, he decided to build one himself using an IKEA Lack side table that costs just $10.

Here's a look at how Watney made the lightbox with the Lack and eBay components in just a couple of hours.

Photographer Shoots Eye-Popping Macro Photos of the Portugese Man O’ War

Fine art photographer Aaron Ansarov's project Zooids contains beautiful, colorful, and abstract images that might look to you like something biological seen through a microscope. They're actually macro portraits of the Portuguese Man O' War, a jellyfish-like creature that is responsible for 10,000 documented painful stings worldwide.