Photos of Kuwait 30 Years After the Gulf War

Kuwait is known for its oil, the Gulf War, the Daguet division, and the “Desert Storm” operation. But what most people are not privy to is its rich history, heritage, and architecture.

Kuwait DSLR Ban Turns Out to Be False, Photogs Breathe Sigh of Relief

Last week one of the big stories in the world of photography was that Kuwait had banned the use of DSLR cameras in public places. The story originated with an article in the Kuwait Times, and was then widely reported by publications ranging from The Guardian to Amateur Photographer. People were in disbelief that a country would take such an unreasonable stance against a particular camera technology while leaving others legal (e.g. mobile phones, compact cameras, etc...). Turns out the whole thing was a big hoax.

Kuwait Bans the Use of DSLR Cameras in Public Places

Update: Turns out this story wasn't true.

If you think photographers' rights in the US or UK are bad, get a load of this: Kuwait is now banning the use of DSLR cameras in public places for everyone except accredited journalists. Three ministries (information, social affairs, and finance) issued the joint ban last week, but strangely ignored the use of other cameras and forms of photography, meaning that citizens can still shoot publicly with compact cameras and camera-equipped phones.