World’s Oldest Working Photo Studio Shuts Down After Long Legal Battle

Today, a week after an exhibition titled ‘Bourne and Shepherd: Figures in Time’ came to a close in the plush locality of south Delhi, India, Bourne and Shepherd, Asia’s first and the world’s longest functioning photography studio, is closing up shop in Kolkata after 176 years.

The Leica M3 That I Replaced in My Father’s Life

It's not often that one gets to narrate the story of their birth. Fortunately (or unfortunately) in my case, the story has been told to me and to others around me time and time again. It’s imprinted in memory, much like a photograph, due to its many renditions, and it's narrated more often whenever my birthday comes around each September. Thankfully, it is not one of those tales that changes and has details added or subtracted to it with every rendition.