Capturing Emotion Through Light

I saw a post from a fellow light painter that grabbed my attention and implanted itself into my brain -- something that I haven’t been able to let go of. He asked: “We know by looking at painters' brushstrokes how they were feeling at a certain time. In light painting, we "paint" with light. I would be curious to see if emotion could be shown in the brush strokes of light painting too.”

Shoot In-Camera Zoom-Effect Double-Exposure Light-Painting Photos

Several years ago I developed a technique that I use for light painting in which I take a king size bed sheet and light paint through it to create my images. I recently created this 10-minute video tutorial explaining in detail how to achieve this creative effect.

Shooting Light-Painting Portraits with a Shattered Windshield

My name is Jason Rinehart with Hartlight Photography, and I'm a light painter known around the world for my unique light painting style. I'm always in search of different creative ways to make my images I create as unique as possible, and this is by using whatever I can find to either shoot through or shoot with.