I Shot Cinematic Portraits of My Inspiring Grandfather

My name is Dragos Ionescu. I was born in 1992 in Craiova, Romania, and moved to London, UK, almost 5 years ago to study and pursue a career in photography, and am currently in my final year of studying photography at University of East London.

Over the winter holidays I had some free time from university and I decided to shoot a series of portraits of my grandfather.

The Nine Hundred Dollar iPhone Photo

I’m not going to say that we flew down to Florida to get a picture, because we didn’t. We flew down to Florida to see my grandfather, who is 94-years-old and my son’s only living great-grandparent. All my own great-grandparents passed away long before I was born, as did my husband’s great-grandparents.

So I’m not saying that we flew down to Florida to take a picture, but I’m admitting we wanted one. A photograph of four generations, all alive at the same time. Proof that it had happened. Me, my son, my father, and his father.

Viral Photos of a 72-Year-Old Grandfather Modeling Women’s Clothing

Product photos for clothing lines typically feature generic, attractive models, since the point of the images is to make the clothes accessible and desirable to consumers. Yuekou, an online clothing store in China, has found great success by using a different approach: its photos for teen girl outfits feature a 72-year-old man.