These Astro Photos Were All Shot with Smartphones

If you’d asked me 5 years ago if I thought a smartphone would ever be able to capture a decent image of the Milky Way my answer would have been a resounding no. With tiny sensors and small lenses that aren’t capable of guiding much light onto the sensor there’s no way they’re ever going to be much use in such low-light conditions, right? Well, ask me the same question today and my answer would be a lot different.

The Best Photos from GuruShots’ ‘Beach Days’ Challenge

GuruShots, the "World's Greatest Photo Game," has announced the winners of its "Beach Days" challenge, which received thousands of entries and over 53.4 million votes. The "Top Photographer" winner of the contest is amuhlh of the United States (whose photo is seen above).

Photographers to Follow on Instagram: May 28, 2021

On Instagram, PetaPixel is sharing photos that inspire creativity and show off the incredible talents of our daily readers. Here’s a look at our recent favorite posts and more about the photographers who shared them.