Photographer Shoots Phoenix Wings by Light Painting with Fire

Photographer Derek VanAlthuis took his light painting photography to fiery new heights last week when he captured this photo. In it, his model is flying away on wings created by light painting with actual fire. In fact, that fire is the only light used in the shot.

Combining Fitness and Fire Photography

We've all seen photographs before of light trails through various forms of light painting—cars passing by, flashlights, pixelsticks, wool spinning, etc. But have you ever seen someone use fire inside a gym to create light trails?

Fire and Fashion: Behind the Scenes at an Insane Pyrotechnics Shoot

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong likes to push the boundaries of what he does, and lately that pushing has involved playing with fire ... literally. It seems he's taken a liking to working with pyrotechnicians and creating out of this world long exposures doing it, so after a speaking engagement in November of last year, Von Wong put together an open photo shoot with pyrotechnician Andrey DAS and fashion designer Virginie Marcerou.

Anyone and everyone was invited, and in all they were able to get a group of about 50 people to show up as they lit up the freezing night with everything from smoke grenades, to sparklers, to ropes of fire.