This Video Shows How Fujifilm’s IBIS has Evolved Over the Years

In-body image stabilization, or IBIS, has become a staple of high-end mirrorless cameras, and companies are iterating at a rapid pace. We learned a little bit about this evolution in a recent BTS video filmed at Olympus R&D headquarters, and now, Fuji is giving us a peek at how its IBIS units have evolved since the X-H1.

Behind the Scenes with Samsung NX Lens Engineers

Here's a neat behind-the-scenes video by Samsung featuring short interviews with the developers and engineers behind its NX lenses. One of the things I found interesting was how the engineers are constantly working to overcome the prejudice that Korean-made lenses are inferior to those crafted in Japan or Germany. The video also briefly shows a Samsung 300mm f2.8 XF ED lens -- a lens that doesn't officially exist.