There are 6 Photographer ‘Types’: Which One are You?

Sitting with a group of picture-takers last night, it dawned on me that even though all of us call ourselves “photographers,” so much of what we care about, the way we shoot, the very core of what we like about taking pictures, is distinct — almost to the point of us having little useful to share.

Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch: A Film Director’s Perspective

For a several years now, I have been patiently waiting for a “new” MacBook Pro to arrive. There has been a lot of hype about new processors, increased screen size and resolution, improved
features and connectivity, even better battery life. Myself along with many industry colleagues, have been reaching out to Apple for some time to let them know what we need and why.

Film Student Let Thief Steal His Phone, Tracked Him to Create This Short Film

We've seen our fair share of strange, voyeuristic, and sometimes ethically questionable photo and video projects, but this one tops the list. After having his phone stolen, film student Anthony van der Meer hatched a plan: he had another phone stolen on purpose, and then followed the thief around for weeks using a hidden app.

Video: How Aspect Ratios Help Convey Themes, Ideas, and Emotions

Directors have always utilized different ways to conveying themes and emotions through their work. Noted filmmakers such as Hitchcock were masters of cinematography: using camera angles and particular focal lengths to convey their messages. YouTube channel ‘Now You See It’ recently released the above video that delves into how aspect ratios can also have a profound effect on the content we are viewing.