UK facial recognition

UK May Require Photo IDs or Facial Age-Check Scans to View Porn

The UK's Office of Communications -- otherwise known as Ofcom -- has published a draft of age-restriction guidelines for websites and online services that offer sexually explicit content. If implemented, it would require such sites to introduce "age assurance" methods, which could involve photo ID matching, facial age estimation, and credit card checks.

DJI Launches Privacy Mode for Flying Drones Offline

Two months after the US Army ended its use of DJI drones due to "cybersecurity" reasons, DJI has just launched a new privacy mode that allows operators to fly completely offline. DJI says the goal is to provide "enhanced data privacy assurances for sensitive government and enterprise customers."

DJI Develops Option to Fly ‘Offline’ for ‘Sensitive Flights’

The US Army recently said that it was removing all DJI equipment from its operations due to "cyber vulnerabilities," in what was a blow to the public image of the Chinese drone manufacturer. In response, DJI has now developed an option to fly without any Internet data transfers in an effort to appease sensitive corporate and government organizations.