Festive Food Photography: Shooting with Christmas Lights

If you're wondering how you can shoot some stunning Christmas food photography, try shooting with holiday festive lights. In this video, I will go through in detail how to shoot with Christmas fairy lights. These lights will bring some festive spirit to your food photography and add sparkle to your Instagram feed this holiday season.

Delicious Canon Rebel XT Cookies

Check out these Canon Rebel XT cookies made by CookieJan's Creations. They're 3D, with 67mm "zoom" lenses attached, and are tasty for both the mouth and the eyes.

Check Colors the Tasty Way with Pantone Chip Cookies

Freelance designer Kim Neill had the awesome idea of creating Pantone Chip cookies, and stuffed some Pantone tins full of them as gifts for her clients. Needless to say, they were a hit, and she soon began receiving requests for refills.