Drawing Lighting Inspiration from Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ for a Cinematic Portrait

A client named Nick recently approached me as he was finishing his degree, wanting his portrait taken to commemorate the event. With his references, wardrobe, and location, I saw an opportunity to replicate some of the lighting I had seen in Spielberg's Lincoln. As a period film set in the mid 1800s, light "sources" were limited to daylight, moonlight, or oil lamps and candles. My hope was to capture the magic of cinematographer Janusz Kaminski's lighting, while also adapting it for the purpose of a more traditional portrait.

Jaunt Unveils the Neo 360° Virtual Reality Camera Rig

Jaunt is a virtual reality company with enough confidence to proudly claim the tagline of ‘the future of cinematic VR’. Aimed at creating high-profile cinematic virtual reality experiences through their camera technology, the company has announced their latest product. The Jaunt Neo is aimed at professionals looking to capture fully immersive 360-degree experiences.

Dark and Haunting Portraits of People Struggling with ‘Emotional Cancers’

Photographer Alec Dawson regularly battles with what he calls "emotional cancers": inner struggles that include regret, isolation, anxiety, and depression. As a way to deal with his inner dramas, Dawson has created a photo project titled "Nobody Claps Anymore", a series of portraits of people in their homes, lit and captured in a way that conveys what he feels.

Cinematic Portraits of People at Work

Offering a very cinematic, editorial-style look at tradesmen doing their work, Japan-based photographer Yohei Shimada’s Workman series is an impressive display of photographic talent. The series was born out of necessity and a lack of subject matter in Shimada's small hometown of Nara. Having moved back there after completing an internship in Tokyo and coming into his own as a photographer, Shimada had to turn to the people he knew -- including his parents and friends -- to capture the series you see here.