Review: CaptureLENS is a Doodad That Does Come in Handy for Lenses

"Lens management"... Zzzz... I'm bored already.

If there's one area of photography that continuously plagues just about every photographer, it's what to do with your lenses. Where and how to store them at home, how to pack them for airplane travel, how to keep them on your person when you're actually shooting. The many questions and solutions grow tiresome after a while.

Review: The Peak Design CaptureLENS Helps Change Lenses Faster Than Ever Before

Peak Design is a photographic accessory company that never seems to run out of new and exciting ideas to improve the everyday lives of photographers. Recently, Peak Design announced their latest product, the CaptureLENS: a double-sided rotating mount for quickly storing and switching out your lenses while on the move. We got a chance to test out the CaptureLENS system to see if it lives up the Peak Design standard.

CaptureLENS: Peak Design’s New Fast Lens-Switching System for Photographers

There have been different solutions developed over the years for quickly and easily swapping out lenses with a single hand. First, GoWing introduced the Lens Flipper and Clip, which allows photographers to quickly do swaps in only a few seconds. Now, the folks over at Peak Design have announced the CaptureLENS, a similar fast lens switching device with a few unique stand out features and a smaller price tag.