This 22-Year-Old is Shaking Up Political Photography with Creative Commons Images

There's a 22-year-old college student who's shaking up the world of political photography. His name is Gage Skidmore, and you've likely seen many of his photos without knowing it. He has captured and published tens of thousands of photos of virtually every major presidential candidate over the past few years, and his Creative Commons licensed photos are being used by the media and by politicians themselves.

One Camera, One Lens, and 20 Presidential Candidates

After 27 years of shooting daily photo assignments I had found myself at a crossroads in my photojournalism career. At that point I had spent 20 years as a staff photographer at The Boston Herald and 7 years as the Photo Editor of the Lowell Sun. But creatively I felt as if I was in a rut or shooting on autopilot.