A Checklist of Things I Bring to Most Photo Shoots

Many of us have done remote shoots where we’re miles from home (or a store) and we forgot one or more key pieces of gear that make or break a shoot. And it’s often the little things: batteries, SD cards, gaff tape/zip ties, plastic bags or specific tools we didn’t think to bring or didn’t think we’d need.

A Photographer’s Review of the Peak Design Everyday Sling

First of all I just want to say this: Peak Design got the name of the Everyday Sling wrong. This bag isn't the Everyday Sling, it's the Everything Sling because this bag literally does everything I would ever possibly need to do when I'm going out.

Portraits of Babies in Camera Bags

When photographer Alessandro Della Bella's son Claudio was born in December 2014, he shared the happy news of the new family member by shooting a picture of Claudio sleeping in the main compartment of his camera bag.

Trey Ratcliff Designed an Ultimate Camera Bag, and Now It’s Blowing Up

It seems that when the Internet's most followed photographer designs a camera bag, the world of photography listens. Travel photographer Trey Ratcliff has teamed up with Peak Designs to create an ultimate camera bag for photographers, and the dynamic duo has just raised over $500,000 in its first day on Kickstarter to launch their creation.